McGowan: Why It's Still "No" To Any Live AFL In WA

He gives his reasons

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This morning, Premier Mark McGowan addressed and detailed the reasons why we won't be having any live AFL games here in WA anytime soon.

Basically, it comes down to the thousands of people who have to quarantine at present and why Mr McGowan doesn't think the players should be treated any differently.

"We've told them no. We've made all these FIFO workers and other industries either move to Western Australia and do quarantine permanently, and we didn't want to make an exemption, particularly to people who go to Victoria."


The chat in full, as it has been throughout this pandemic, was full of the good stuff. Mr McGowan goes on a passionate rave about the merits of holidaying within WA and how important it will all be for our economy as we see ourselves out of this pandemic.


Once again, thank you to the Premier for his time and fantastic chat this morning.

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Written by: @dantheinternut


2 June 2020

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