Meat Loaf Has Lost The Ability To Sing

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Cassie Walker

1 February 2018

Cassie Walker

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The Bat Out of Hell hit maker, Meat Loaf has revealed he hasn’t been able to sing for over a year in an intimate interview with Rolling Stone magazine.

The musician, now 70 admitted his chronic back problems have restricted his ability, saying: 

"because it hurts my back I haven't been able to sing in a year".

The back pain has also lead the musician to have to use a walking frame to move around, the American singer can’t even get into bed without the assistance of his wife.

Although Aussie fans remember him for 'that' 2011 AFL Grand Final performance, you can’t ignore the great loss this is.


It’s good odds seeming the Grammy Award winner has had a 50 year career, with countless hits.

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