Meat Lovers... "Meat" Your New Favourite Perth Restaurant

In Raine Square

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If you have a meat lover in your life here in #Perth then, well, we have some news.

A glorious new restaurant that celebrates the magic of charcoal cooked meat has opened in Perth's Raine Square and, well, we can't even!

Hunter And Barrel, as the name suggests, serves up "quality cuts of meat, chicken and game, as well as a delicious selection of small plates featuring ingredients fresh from the harvest."

You had us at "cuts".

Hunter And Barrel actually specialise in "feast boards", share plates of slow-cooked meats prepared with a variety of curing and dry-ageing techniques, and cooked over the signature charcoal.

What's more, there's something called a Kings Feast, featuring hearty serves of charcoal fired chicken thigh skewers, slow-roasted lamb shoulder, pork ribs and eye of rump with sides.

Right here in #Perth! Rock on to that!

The restaurant has opened - it opened this week - and you can find it in the Raine Square Shopping Centre, 300 Murray Street.

(PS: It also features a two storey back bar hosting a range of international range of wines, whiskeys and bourbons... but we got so excited about the restaurant part of things we forgot to mention it).

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27 June 2019

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