Melbourne Bracing For Hottest Day Since Black Saturday

Forecast upped

24 January 2019

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Melbourne is bracing for it’s hottest day since Black Saturday with the Bureau upping tomorrow’s forecast to 44C.

This comes after Adelaide experienced a day of record breaking heat, with some parts reaching 47C. 

Bureau of Meteorology Forecaster Richard Carlyon said it’s been a while since Melbourne has been this hot.

“We have to go back 10 years to find a day this hot when it last exceeded 44 degrees. That was February 7 2009, when it reached 46.4 degrees – and that’s obviously an event we’re all familiar with: Black Saturday.”

High humidity could help control fire danger – but could make the weather feel hotter.

Melbourne will see a cool change is expected late on Friday, bringing wind gusts of up to 80km/h, thunderstorms and increased fire risk.

The temperature will drop about 15C in twenty minutes.

Country Fire Authority chief officer Steve Warrington said on Wednesday, Friday would mark the "first real day" of bushfire risk for the whole of the state this summer.

"We know - based on our history - that unfortunately, we have lost lives, we have lost property, we have lost stock and there has been significant damage," he told reporters on Wednesday, drawing a comparison with 2009.

"It is time for all Victorians to be aware for the next four, six and up to eight weeks."

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