Melbourne To Celebrate Michael Hutchence With A Statue In His Honour

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5 December 2018


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Massive news for the Melbourne music scene with the announcement that a statue dedicated to late great Michael Hutchence has been approved.

For those who may have missed it, there has been a huge push in social circles for the former INXS frontman to have a statue erected in his honour. This afternoon, Michael's half-sister Tina Hutchence made the announcement that many had been pushing for.

Source: A Statue for Michael Hutchence

Of course, Hutchence had a lot to do with Melbourne. Not only do many of his close friends hail from Australia's cultural capital, but it's also where some of INXS' most memorable performances took place (think Rockin' The Royals in 1985), and, it's where Hutchence worked with close friend and director Richard Lowenstein to create the cult classic Dogs In Space.

It's fantastic to see our very own Jane Gazzo acknowledged by Tina Hutchence for all her work in making this a reality. Jane recently spoke with Tina on Homegrown about Michael and his legacy... it's a must-listen for any INXS fan.

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Also acknowledged for her help was Sarah McLeod from The Superjesus, who told The Age that she was pleased that the City of Yarra was taking the lead when it comes to celebrating the legacy of musicians, artists and entertainers.


"As a country, we glorify our sporting heroes no end but we don't give hardly enough kudos to our musical legacy... The wonderful statue that we have there in Richmond of Molly Meldrum should be just the beginning. We have a lot to celebrate and Michael is the perfect addition to the family."

- Sarah McLeod


It's not known yet as to when this all will happen, but rest assured that when it does, we'll let you know.


Written by: @dantheinternut

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