Metallica Active Not To Burn Out

Band opens up in candid interview

Cassie Walker

1 October 2017

Cassie Walker

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In an interview with Metal Hammer Metallica have opened up about their concerns of burning out.

The iconic metal band have been full throttle since forming in 1981 and drummer Lars Ulrich talks about the bands conscious efforts not to burn out.

"We're very conscious of not crossing a burnout line," he told Metal Hammer magazine. "We set it up so that we have the slightest to smallest chance of the whole thing derailing. We're aware of the abysses around us."

The band who’s 2001 rockumentary Some Kind Of Monster harshly exposed the truths of being in a hard working band ensure they have plenty of rest time in between shows and now put things in place to get along.


"We don't need to go to (dinner) together every night; we don't need to hang out; we don't need to wake and text good morning, and got to sleep and say goodnight; but we need to get along and have a nice, civil time," the 53-year-old shared.

"I have mental issues, and anger is one of them. What really, really helps me is music, and playing music, and going out there onstage. I have to deal with my inner anger every single f**king day, and music helps that," he added.

We encourage everyone to take a page from Lars’ book to take time out and find those hobbies that encourage positive mental health.

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