Michael Gudinski Explains Why Tours Skip Adelaide

On Roo & Ditts

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Mushroom Music’s Michael Gudinski explained why tours often skip Adelaide on Roo & Ditts for Breakfast this morning.


“Adelaide’s very interesting for us at the moment, a lot of shows miss Adelaide,” Gudinski said.

“We get a lot of emails and people complaining.

“When we couldn’t do Sir Paul McCartney there, we had 5000 people from Adelaide roughly that came over to Melbourne.

“It’s got the smallest entertainment centre in Australia but it’s an absolute ripper to play, and we wanna play there… It’s an older venue, but it’s a great sounding venue, You guys have been there. “Look, to play Adelaide Oval, it’s gotta be something very, very special.

“But seriously, Adelaide is so far behind on ticket sales to what it should be… just generally.

“When I go over there, I know how much music fans there are there.

“So I hope it starts making sense, because we don’t intentionally miss Adelaide, it’s just the way it works.”

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Rudi Edsall

12 February 2020

Article by:

Rudi Edsall

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