Midland Receives Early Critical Acclaim For LET IT ROLL

"it's been a crazy couple of years"

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Double GRAMMY® nominees Midland return with LET IT ROLL, their second critically acclaimed album.

Having spent the past few years focused on the road, largely headlining their own dates as well as opening for Dwight Yoakam, George Strait, Garth Brooks and Little Big Town, the central reality – as noted in The Tennessean’s headline is “Midland tackles credibility, tension and intimacy.” That commitment will be on full display August 28 on NBC's Today Show for a plaza appearance, then Sept. 17 when they kick off their LET IT ROLL Tour at NYC’s Terminal 5.

“It’s been a crazy couple years,” says bassist/songwriter/vocalist Cam. “We knew when we put it all out there, music was all there was. We can’t look back, because there’s so much ahead.”

The country trio continue to receive praise:

As their rockabilly-leaning lothario “Mr. Lonely” scales country radio, Entertainment Weekly assessed Midland’s progression as “a natural extension of its acclaimed 2017 debut ON THE ROCKS. Every element is rooted a little deeper: the lyrical imagery, the crispness of the instrumentation, and the harmonies of members Mark Wystrach, Jess Carson, and Cameron Duddy that toggle between pristine precision and gloriously raggedy edges...”

NPR concurred, headlining their coverage, “Midland, Connoisseurs of Country Craft, Evolves Its Vintage Sound.” Noted critic Jewly Hight recognized, “interested in finding new applications for country music's worn-in, old moves — its patient romancing or unreserved pleasure-seeking — and in vantage points seasoned by experience.” As Esquire opined the band’s sound is “as well-worn as the barstool its protagonist refuses to abandon—think warm, Dwight Yoakam-esque country and swirling, Laurel Canyon folk” and The Austin American-Statesman’s iconic Peter Blackstock praised Midland’s core values, writing “the melodic twang of 1970s country-rock... reaching high above honky-tonk bounds.”
For Rolling Stone’s significant feature, the band looked deep into their inspiration, process and commitment.  Beyond time spent touring Nashville in Midland’s signature ‘70s pink limo, contributor Marissa Moss found the trio’s sound, “like a road trip soundtracked by the Allman Brothers and really good weed. The harmonies are warm and exact, with Wystrach’s Keith Whitley-esque vocals deep and sometimes rolling into a tongue-in-cheek growl, to remind us that music is also supposed to be fun. It’s a fully realized and seriously executed work that’s never entirely serious... There are echoes of Chris Isaak, and California sheen...classic country cheating songs, but with a different perspective: sexy, too, and a little sleazy.”

Midland deliver yet another brilliant album reminding us that great country music is alive and well ... in the words of a wise man - "do yourself a favour..."



Shania Twang

25 August 2019

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Shania Twang

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