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11 May 2017


You’re off to great places. Today is your day! Your mountain is waiting… so get on your way! It’s hard to imagine how a quote from Dr. Suess and a leap of faith changed Leanne Druery’s journey in life. There are no 100% guarantees in life, but when you have a positive mindset like the one in this quote you’ve got a pretty good shot at getting it right.

In less than six months Leanne Druery went from a real estate agent selling houses to a widower and single mum of two. Leanne’s husband, Tony Druery was diagnosed with cancer last year and passed away in early December. Her whole world turned upside down. Together they both decided to always be honest and prepared their children for the whirlwind ahead. Talking about cancer is tough… the hardest part for Leanne was providing her two children with the right amount of hope and positivity whilst balancing reality. Leanne faces adversity daily in her everyday life and did not let her situation get the better of her. She remained in control with a positive mind set and returned to day-­to-­day work as a real estate agent.

Mrs. Druery’s journey has been a huge learning curve… however she considers herself fortunate. Through challenging times, she applied for the 2017 Elite Agent. The Elite Agent is a real estate magazine involving the transform program of six agents chosen from around Australia who, for 12 weeks, are coached by the best agents in the business. To Leanne’s surprise, she was one in six agents to be chosen in Australia. Mrs. Druery now embarks on a journey as part of the Elite Agent Transform program to represent Mackay across the nation.

Mackay is against other big cities such as Sydney, Brisbane, New South Wales Central Coast, Mildura -­ Victoria and Western Australia. Mackay’s mission is to show these cities we still have it all up here in North Queensland. We may be smaller… But we are mightier!
Leanne is the humble girl next door who has triumphed adversity in many shapes and forms. She is exactly what our Mighty Mackay is today and is ready to represent the city across Australia.

How can you support our Mighty Mackay? You need to vote by liking Leanne’s hot tip video each week on the Elite Agent website. Each week the videos are rated on the most likes. It’s as simple as making a cup up tea… all you must do is LIKE IT!

The link for the videos to LIKE are:
Week 1. http://eliteagent.com.au/transform-supersix-weekly-tips/?contest=video-detail&video_id=70349

Week 2. http://eliteagent.com.au/transform-supersix-weekly-tips/?contest=video-detail&video_id=70493

Week 3. http://eliteagent.com.au/transform-supersix-weekly-tips/?contest=video-detail&video_id=72050

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