Mildura Police out in full force, drivers fined.

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27 August 2018

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Mildura Police were out in full force across the week, Highway Patrol stopping a number of drivers on our region's roads.

A 33 year old Mildura man was intercepted on Tenth Street in Mildura on Friday, August 24th.

He underwent a breath test, which allegedly indicated an alcohol reading of 0.104.

He has been issued a $685 fine, and an infringement notice cancelling his license.

Later that evening, a 21 year old Mildura driver was pulled over on Bene Vista Boulevard, and underwent an oral fluid test.

Officers will allege the test indicated the presence of a banned substance.

The sample will be sent away for further analysis.

A Queensland man has been issued an infringement notice with a $604 fine, after being stopped on the Mallee Highway at Ouyen.

Police will allege he was driving at 135km/hr in a 100km/hr zone.

The 68-year-old has had his license suspended for 6 months, and lost 6 demerit points.


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