Mildura Police out in full force over the weekend

Learner Driver's permit suspended.

26 February 2018

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Mildura Police were out in full force across the weekend, with a number of vehicles pulled over for driver screening tests.


A Learner driver was intercepted by patrols in the Mildura Area, and was administered a breath test.


The 44 year old allegedly returned a breath alcohol reading of 0.096%


His permit was immediately suspended.



The motorist will receive a summons in relation to allegedly exceeding the prescribed concentration of alcohol and other traffic matters.


Officers have continued their campaign against those who choose to do the wrong thing on our region's roads, slamming drivers who choose to take part in risky behavior.


Locals who see drivers behaving erratically are being urged to report to Crime Stoppers at 1800 333 000.


You can remain anonymous.


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