Millennials Are Wasting Six Days Of Annual Leave On Life Admin

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The average millennial “wastes” six days of annual leave a year on life admin, according to new research.

The poll of 2,000 young professionals was commissioned by and revealed one quarter of those surveyed spent days off on “boring” tasks like doctor’s appointments, waiting for deliveries and doing household chores rather than heading off to the beach.

Life coach Sloan Sheridan-Williams said taking a proper holiday is “crucial” for optimal emotional, physical and mental wellbeing.

“Stepping out of our comfort zone through experiencing new things such as snorkelling or paragliding helps us put things into perspective, reducing stress levels,” she said.

“And we can improve our working lives by getting away - exploring a new city can inspire creativity so we feel more refreshed and motivated when we do go back to work.

“It was a shame to see that instead of feeling refreshed, over a third of young professionals currently feel dread.”

The survey also found 42 per cent of millennials don't even take all of their allocated annual leave, with almost a quarter (24 per cent) forgetting to even book it in.

With so much of it going on life admin, it is perhaps no wonder that almost a quarter (24 per cent) say they don’t take holiday because they have nothing fun to do with it.

When young people do take leave to relax and unwind, they say it takes an average of three days to “switch off” from work.

And even then, they may not be completely free of the stresses and strains of their career – six in 10 millennials have had to do work while on annual leave (59 per cent).

The typical young professional checks their emails an average of seven times during a week-long holiday, and double the proportion of men (30 per cent) take their work laptop or phone on holiday than women (14 per cent).

Troy Nankervis

22 January 2018

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Troy Nankervis

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