Mock Funeral Held In CBD As Live Music & Entertainment Sector Mourn Grave Losses

“In loving memory of a vibrant sector”

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Tricia Watkinson/Adelaide Now

Hundreds of workers across Adelaide's hospitality and live entertainment sector, staged a mock funeral march “in loving memory of a vibrant sector” on Monday protesting for the easing of Covid restrictions.

SA Health moved the goal post last week, when they changed the return to full trade from 80 per cent of eligible people aged over 16, to 90 per cent of people over the age of 12, costing the sector its peak season.

Frustrated, more than 100 operators and supporters wore their backstage blacks, mourning their livelihoods, finances, well-being, and passion for creativity. 

Kicking off in Peel Street about 11am, the funeral procession followed a hearse and marched to a sausage sizzle wake.

Hospo Owners Collective (HOC) coordinated the event, with co-founder Jason Makarenko delivering one of the eulogies. 

“We’re in no man’s land at the moment,” Makarenko told The Music Network.

“You look at their Facebook: cancellation after cancellation after cancellation.”

- Jason Makarenko

Proclaiming the situation as 'catastrophic', Makarenko said the Premier needs greater understanding and appreciation of the sector and its predicament.

A live summit will be held at 6pm tonight at the Arkaba Hotel to discuss challenges, loss, solutions, and rebirth.


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8 November 2021

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