Moderna Announce Production of New Two-In-One Covid & Flu Vaccine

With three-in-one to follow

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Moderna have announced they are expected to begin human trials on a two-in one vaccine targeting Covid and the flu.

The trials, which are expected to start in approximately two months’ time, will determine the effectiveness of a vaccine designed to protect against the flu and Covid.

Phase one of the trial for the new vaccine has begun with a second triple-threat vaccine targeting the flu, Covid and a contagious lung infection also on the way.

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The three-in-one vaccine is being developed using RVA technology that targets severe raspatory illnesses.

According to Moderna, the two-in-one vaccine is expected to be ready for distribution by 2024.

The vaccination targeting all three illnesses is expected to be ready by 2025.

In an interview with 9NEWS, Chief Medical Officer at Moderna Dr Paul Burton said the company are also pushing their Omicron Covid booster with the B.4 and 5 strain still ripping through the community at a rapid rate.

"Spikevax was a good vaccine two years ago, it's still a very good vaccine today, but we need a variant adapted booster and that's what we have generated now," he said.

The news of the new two-in-one vaccine follows the announcement of a Moderna vaccine manufacturing facility in Melbourne which will be the first Covid vaccine facility in the southern hemisphere.

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Georgie Marr

20 June 2022

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Georgie Marr

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