Mona Art Museum Mandate COVID Vaccines For Employees

Harsh but necessary

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Remi Chauvin

Tasmania's Mona Art Museum has set a new precedent for the state mandating COVID-19 vaccines for staff.

Founder David Walsh announced the policy in an open letter to staff on Thursday morning to the museums 'harsh but necessary' declaration.

Some “might think we are trampling on their rights, but the one right they think we are restricting doesn’t exist,” he wrote.

The Tasmania Briefing

Mr Walsh said that he would give his employees a 'decent interval' to get vaccinated, but reiterated that "staff don’t have the right to trample on the rights of their colleagues"

“When you go to work unvaccinated there’s a small chance, you’ll get COVID and an even smaller chance you’ll die. But each time you take that risk there is a small chance you’ll kill someone else ... That’s not okay.”

Vaccinations will not be made a condition of entry to the museum at this juncture.

Meantime, the Museum of Old and New Art has revealed its latest plans for a new tunnel extending all the way from the Berriedale museum to where the Mona ferry jetty.

A proposal has also been put forward for a new timber sculpture platform near the Spectra artwork that beams blue light into the Hobart skyline.

Public comment on the current application closes on September 14.


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2 September 2021

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