Monthly Ambulance Ramping Reports Are Being Hidden

The Data Is Unknown

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The Palaszczuk Government is facing an enormous amount of pressure from the state opposition, to explain why they haven’t released the ambulance ramping data for June.

The Liberal National Party of Queensland reported that up until last month, the Townsville reports were originally released monthly, and have since been changed to quarterly.

Hidden Ambulance Ramping Reports:

Shadow Minister for Open Data Brent Mickelberg, has slammed Labor for losing control of Queensland’s health system.

“Queendlanders have a right to know how their local hospital is performing. Hiding a monthly ambulance ramping data is a disgrace. This is the third term government have become so smug they think its ok to hide the truth.”, he said.

Shadow Minister for Health Ros Bates said,

“Health Minister Yvette D Ath is hiding the data because she knows the state government can’t fix the ambulance ramping crisis across Queensland”.

Ramping is the practice in which paramedics are unable to hand over the clinical responsibility of patients to the emergency department and therefore are required to continue administrating medical care.

In Townsville, ramping has increased by seven percent since 2020.

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15 July 2021

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