More Details Emerge Regarding James Roberts' Contract

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27 July 2017

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Following news that James Roberts has re-signed with the Broncos, Wayne Bennett has given an insight into some of the off-field dramas plaguing the star.

According to Bennett, these issues have been curbed by Roberts' sobriety, with Bennett noting that Roberts has given up alcohol and drugs. 

"It’s not easy to do what he has done. He has given up alcohol and given up drugs," Bennett said.

"He has been in that situation for six or seven months and it’s been game-changing for him and that’s why he has got a four-year contract."

Speaking on Triple M's Dead Set Legends, Wendell Sailor and Jamie Soward said it spoke volumes of both the club and Roberts that the deal could be reached.

"I'm not surprised, I've known Paul White and Wayne Bennett for a long time," Dell said.

"If they think there is a good person in there and someone who could add to the culture of a club, they're going to back them.

"I'm quite surprised that Wayne elaborated then because we've known that Roberts has had a colourful off-field behaviour and checkered past, so I didn't think there was any need to bring it up.

"But the club's backed him, and I'm happy to see James Roberts there."

"I think we're going to get some clarification as to what Wayne said in terms of the wording 'drugs'," Soward said.

"There's different kinds. You can have prescription drugs - which is what Wayne would probably mean in that situation.

"I don't think they would've let James Roberts sign a four-year deal knowing that he had an illicit drug problem.

"The important thing to note is that there's no alcohol clause or drugs clause from what they've said."


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