More Opportunities For Australian Workers In UK Fair Trade Agreement

“One of the best free trade agreements”

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Australia and UK citizens will now be able to obtain three-year working visas between the two countries in a historic free-trade agreement set to come into effect from May 31. 

The rules for working holiday visas will change, with Australians able to apply for visas up to 35 years of age, instead of 30, and can remain in the UK for work for three years instead of two.

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Prime Minister Anthony Albanese said the deal will make it easier for both Australians and British citizens to obtain work in either country.

"That will provide for better career opportunities than just casual work if you can go into a workplace for three years," he said.

"There are obvious benefits where people can get that experience here in the British economy and then I hope go back to Australia and make a greater contribution as a result of that experience."


The deal, agreed upon by the two nations over a year ago will also see tariffs removed on Australian beef, dairy, honey, lamb, sugar and wine – totalling to more than 99 per cent of Australian exports to the UK.

In return, takes on all UK goods including cars and whisky, will be removed when imported to Australia.

Tariff quotas will also be removed within a decade.

Mr Albanese said the agreement was “one of the best fair trade agreements that Australia has done.”

"What it will mean, put simply, is more access to the market here [in the UK] for our goods and services,” he said.

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Tricia Mifsud

4 May 2023

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Tricia Mifsud

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