Morgan Evans Shouted An Entire Bar In Nashville!

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Morgan Evans caught up with Gleeso during our Oztober lunch hour to talk about growing up in Newcastle and the albums that kicked off his love of music.

He reminisced on the very first time he sat down to write a song, telling Gleeso that in the beginning he thought it wasn't a challenge at all, but now realises how wrong he was.

I remember when I got a guitar, and I was teaching myself to play out of an Eagles chord book, and with the first 4 chords I learned, I wrote a song. Like it was the worst song you've ever heard, but my whole thought pattern was, I want to go play shows, so I better write some songs to go play at the shows. And I guess that's how I got started.

- Morgan Evans

Morgan also told the emotional story behind the title of his debut album, 'Things That We Drink To', and how he ended up shouting an entire bar in Nashville!

Listen to the full interview below.


26 September 2018

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