Mossy's Classic Solo Album To Be Reissued So Aussie Rock Fans, Get On It


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Any Aussie rock fan worth their salt will be excited to hear that the man Ian Moss, he of Cold Chisel and rocking guitar fame, is re-releasing his massively successful debut solo album Matchbook, to celebrate the 30th anniversary of its release.

That's right, the multi-platinum and award winning release will be reissued on Friday August 23 with a bonus collection of never before released live recordings and rare B-sides.

The Matchbook 30th Anniversary edition expands the original album by including nine songs recorded at Sydney’s Hordern Pavilion in November 1989. The set includes Matchbook singles Tucker’s Daughter, Telephone Booth and Mr Rain, as well as an epic 10-minute rendition of Cold Chisel’s Bow River.

In fact, the Hordern Pavilion performance of Tucker's Daughter, in all its '80s glory, was captured on video and here it is.

Of course, Mossy's doing a massive tour to celebrate the Matchbook anniversary as well, details here.


CD One

  1. Tucker’s Daughter
  2. Telephone Booth
  3. Out Of The Fire
  4. Mr. Rain
  5. Matchbook
  6. Such A Beautiful Thing
  7. I’ve Got You
  8. Pretty Face
  9. Tangletown
  10. I’ll Remember You

CD Two

  1. When You Dance (Live At Hordern Pavilion)
  2. Tangletown (Live At Hordern Pavilion)
  3. Pretty Face (Live At Hordern Pavilion)
  4. Mr Rain (Live At Hordern Pavilion)
  5. Tucker’s Daughter (Live At Hordern Pavilion)
  6. Never Before (Live At Hordern Pavilion)
  7. Such A Beautiful Thing (Live At Hordern Pavilion)
  8. Telephone Booth (Live At Hordern Pavilion)
  9. Bow River (Live At Hordern Pavilion)
  10. Islands
  11. Answermachine Blues
  12. Angel Eyes
  13. The Dummy


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25 July 2019

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