Mostafa Baluch Arrested On The State Border

Australia's most wanted man

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Alleged cocaine smuggler dubbed as ‘Australia’s most wanted man’ has been arrested at the state border.

Mostafa Baluch sparked a nationwide search after he allegedly cut off his ankle bracelet after he was granted bail last month.

Mostafa Baluch arrested on the state border

Around 1 am on Wednesday morning, authorities pulled over a truck carrying a shipping container and found the man inside the boot of a car in the container attempting to cross the border.

NSW Police Assistant Commissioner Stuart Smith is thanking detectives for their hard work.

“We’ve all worked every day on this operation beating the brush and getting this fugitive into a position where an arrest could be made.”

NSW Police Minister David Elliot said he was looking forward to congratulating the officer who made the arrest after one of the largest fugitive hunts in the country.

“I'm tracking down the constable who did the famous knock on the side of the truck, he’ll get a beer and a hug when the borders open, and if that’s not an enticement for Queensland to open the borders, I don’t know what is.”

Mostafa Baluch went missing 17 days ago while on bail on charges of plotting to import 900kgs of cocaine in Sydney with a street value of $270 million.

Police say the man driving the vehicle will be charged, and Mr. Baluch will face court on Wednesday.

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10 November 2021

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