Evolution of the mullet

THAT hairstyle

15 May 2018

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Everyone is well aware of ‘the mullet’ that hair style generally donned by males where the on top of your head is cut short and the bottom is left to flow freely down towards your flannelette shirt. It was a trend that boomed in the 80’s and continues to be work sporadically around our rural areas to this day.

It begs the question though, who was the first person to ask for the mullet? Who was the first person to cut the majestic hairstyle that would become the iconic trademark of the 80’s rocker or the current day tradies?

There is one main theory. It began out on the boats in the colder month where fishermen decided that they would grow their hair long at the back to keep their neck warm. This was all very well but they did not want to have this warmth and run the risk of hair falling in their eyes from the front. The solution was simple. Cut the front short and let the majestic locks fall from behind. It got the name ‘mullet’ simply because that’s the type of fish that those particular fishermen who originally asked for the cut used to fish. This is ONLY a theory however, and only a rumoured origin story.

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