Must Have Christmas Apps And Websites

'Tis the season to get appy.

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It's that time of year... when Christmas truly takes over and the fun really begins.

We did some digging and found some of the most fun apps and websites going around to help celebrate your Christmas in complete style.

Enough words... here they are.


If you have a family or friends Kris Kringle, this allows you to share with your loved ones the info that they will most likely need to get your present right... stuff like your clothes and shoe size, the kinds of things you're looking for...

Talk about a time saver.

Gift Tracker

Here's the Apple version of an app that allows you to keep track of who's got what in your Christmas shopping list.

Christmas Gift List

The Android version of a gift tracker.

How The Grinch Stole Christmas

The classic Dr Seuss story is yours to tell in your own voice to your kids, and features all sorts of stuff that the kids will love, like memory games, jigsaw puzzles and word searches.

A Charlie Brown Christmas

Another Christmas classic, the Peanuts story comes to life in this app. It too features lots of extra stuff to do, like playing piano with Schroeder, for example.

NORAD Santa Tracking

The official tracking technology to keep an eye on where the big man is, it also comes in app form.

Google Santa Tracker

A beautiful website that celebrates the phenomenon of Santa's big job. Complete with countdown.

PNP - Personalised Santa Video Messages

This is a fantastic thing to do for your kids. You simply enter some pertinent info about your child (children), and you get a personalised video message from Santa himself, straight to your email.

Musical Advent Calendar

You know you can't avoid Christmas songs around this time of year, and for many, that's a good thing. This is an advent calendar with a difference, that gives you a different Christmas tune each day.

Elf Adventure Advent Calendar

See what the elves get up to in the lead-up to Christmas.

Elf Yourself

The original and arguably the best.

Elf On The Shelf

The website for the little guy. Lots of stuff in here for kids and grownups alike.

19 December 2016

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