Mutant Flu Strain Risk In Western Sydney

Thousands hit by 'killer flu'

28 September 2017

Western Sydney has been hit with a mutated influenza A H3N2 strain, also known as 'the killer flu'.

This year's flu season, which began in June, saw more than half of the patients in western Sydney carrying this strain of the virus, which had a noted affect on hospital beds and emergency departments.

According to a report by the Daily Telegraph, the mutated strain was identified as responsible for most of the 300 elderly lives lost across the east coast, despite the fact that it was included in this year's flu vaccine.

“Across NSW, between 50-70 per cent of flu tests in patients during this period were positive for flu A. Only a proportion of flu A tests are further subtypes, and of these around two-thirds were influenza A (H3N2),” Western Sydney Local Health District Population Health Director Professor Corbett said.

Across Western Sydney Local Health District, there were 14,555 influenza notifications in the community between June and September, 8300 of which were flu A.”


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