"My Child Farted On Bob Katter"


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While we weren't going to focus on it (because frankly, it's a minor issue and every three months someone is torn to shreds by crocodiles in North Queensland), Cameron from Cairns shared an absolute cracker of a story this week.

Cameron told the Rush Hour with AB and Elliot how his son took an innocent photo op with Bob Katter and used it as an opportunity to... fart on him. 

He explained his family had been down at their local polling booth the last election when they saw Mr Katter and his ten-year-old couldn’t resist getting a photo.

“I said to my son, go up behind him. We’ll get a photo of you next to him.”

“My son Ethan goes up to him and lifts his leg up and pretends to fart - I got the perfect shot of him pretending to fart on Bob Katter!”

“As we walked out I said “That was the best! Look at this photo” and he said to me “I actually farted.”

Take a listen:

May a thousand blossoms bloom...

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24 May 2022

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