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Welcome To World Television Day

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You would hope the entertainment landscape would change in 62 years and today on World Television Day the leaps TV has taken are mind blowing, especially in the last 10 years alone.

The first television station on air in Australia was HSV-7, with studios at South Melbourne,on 4 November 1956, only 18 days before the Melbourne Olympic Games.

I'm old enough to remember when TV was a luxury, it was only in black and white and we had nightly instructions on how to set up the picture on the test pattern.

In Perth Syd Donovan presented a morning news bulletin when the West Australian writers went on strike and then there was coverage of the Apollo 13 nighmare and of course the moon landings, outside of that having the boob tube on prior to Bellbird was considered a no no, and we Peter Waltham behind the news desk at 6 o'clock each night.

Now we have colour tv, we got ours in 1975, there is 24 hour news, pay tv, downloadable movies that you can watch anywhere you please, at any time, and if you have the right apps you can access programs from literally anywhere in the world!

TV sets are now huge and no longer the giant baby sitter in the corner however it's still the universal conversation killer.

Choice is the most remarkable aspect of the TV landscape, you don't like this show, no worries, you'll find a zillion other shows to suit your individual taste.

Personally I reckon the definition of a thrill seeker would be a free to air TV rep with a mortgage, I know plenty of people who, like our household, if it does not have Fox or Netflix in front of it, they won't see it.

The only thing that stays the same is change and who knows where we'll be in another 10 years, but even then, there'll be plenty of choice on The Box.

Happy World Television Day!

21 November 2018

Article by:

Cliff Reeve

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