"My Name Is Cleo": Audio Of The Moment Police Found Cleo

"We've got her"

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Police have released the incredible audio of the moment police broke into the locked Carnarvon home in the early hours of yesterday morning and discovered Cleo Smith alive and well.

You can hear police making their way through the house before finding little Cleo in one of the rooms. 

One of the officers is heard repeating “We’ve got her, we’ve got her” at which time an officer located Cleo, picking her up and comforting her saying “I’ve got you bubby.” 

Detective Sergeant Cameron Blaine asks her what her name to which she replies “My name is Cleo.” 

Hear the audio below.


Police expect charges will be laid against the only suspect, a 36-year-old Carnarvon man who police allege “acted solely alone” in abducting the little girl. 

Cleo vanished from her family tent from the Quobba Blowholes campsite near Carnarvon in the early hours of Saturday, October 16. Her disappearance sparked a major 18-day land, air and sea police search investigation. 

The elating discovery that Cleo was alive and well has seen the whole of Australia celebrating and seasoned detectives working on the case "openly crying with relief.”

The tight nit coastal town of Carnarvon has been decked out with balloons and “welcome home” signs as the community celebrates the incredible news.


Sergeant Blaine said police are still remaining cautious about details and have asked Cleo’s parents to exercise the same caution. 

“This is still a matter that needs to go before the courts, there’s certain aspects of what we saw that is going to be evidence, and I don’t want to say anything that’s going to prejudice that,” he said.

Cleo was spotted with her mum for the first time since her rescue a short time ago. The little girl smiled for the cameras, holding a pink balloon as the family packed their car and left their house. 

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4 November 2021

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