Nation's Most Successful Newspaper Turns to Crowdfunding

Despite enormous circulation

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Australia has only one national newspaper for kids, and unfortunately, by next week we may not even have that.

After one year of printing, Crinkling News has announced it lacks the funds to continue. The small team of ex-Fairfax staffers have instead turned to crowdfunding to survive.

The weekly printed newspaper has an enormous readership, with more than 10 per cent of our nation's schools subscribing.

Its circulation has risen above 50,000 in just 12 months.

Founder and editor, Saffron Howden told ABC Melbourne last week, the paper is just shy of reaching sustainability. But without an enormous injection of funds, it will never reach that goal.

The indigogo crowdfunder has already reached a third of its total, but with two days left, it's feared the paper will not reached its goal, and will forfeit the funds so far raised.

Ms Howden has tweeted some of her readers' responses to the news that the paper may not survive as long as next week. Many of the kids have donated their pocket money, set up cake and lemonade stalls, and written letters to local schools in order to keep the paper afloat.

9 May 2017

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