NBN rollout report to be released

Labor calls for action

28 September 2017

Article heading image for NBN rollout report to be released

The Parliamentary Joint Committee on the National Broadband Network will release their report into the Government’s roll out of the NBN at midday today.

The report follows more than eight months of public hearings and submissions to the Committee, including one at Mingara in August where local residents and businesses described their difficulties connecting.


Senator Deborah O’Neill, a member of the committee, expects the report to highlight “the expensive incompetence” of the Turnbull Government’s NBN roll out.

“The Central Coast is a guinea pig for Malcolm’s NBN experiment and we are copping the results of a poorly planned roll out and an outdated technology,” Ms O'Neill says.

While Dobell MP Emma McBride says her office has handled 500 individual cases involving the rollout of the NBN.

"On the Central Coast, one of the recent Telecommunication Industry Ombudsman reports showed 40% of complaints about the rollout came from the region. So what I'm looking for is that the committee has heard our concerns, and that they're willing to act."

"The TIO needs to be strengthened, so that blame shifting between the NBN and providers is resolved, and there needs to be greater accountability, so that when schools or businesses experience blackouts the financial impact is addressed."

"Local businesses have experienced an estimated $9000 worth of financial impact, and have been offered $50 in compensation - I mean it's really time to address the accountability and transparency of the rollout."






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