Nearly $80,000 Raised For NTFL Player Who Dislocated His Spine

Awaiting treatment.

Ethan Meldrum

20 January 2018

Ethan Meldrum

Image: GoFundMe

A fundraiser for Northern Territory Football League player Tai Martin-Page, who dislocated his spine two weeks ago, has raised nearly $80,000 for his medical bills.

Martin-Page, who was playing for the Buffalos against the Wanderers on January 6, was hurt two minutes into the game after a hit from opposition player Mitchell Taylor.

Taylor received a three-week ban after the knock, which saw Martin-Page suffer a dislocated spine and spinal cord damage.

The 27-year-old is currently paralysed from the chest down, with doctors unsure if he'll be able to walk again.

He is currently in a spinal ward awaiting treatment and rehabilitation.

"There have been small achievements this week - he was able to have his first proper shower assisted and the family were also able to take him outside in the wheelchair," wrote Martin-Page's sister-in-law Rachael Norman on GoFundMe.

"Unfortunately still no progress regaining body functions as of yet but it is still very early days!"

A fundraiser for his medical bills launched by Norman has reached nearly $80,000 as of Saturday morning. 

Richmond premiership stars Trent Cotchin and Dustin Martin have also given their well wishes to Martin-Page.

"We're rooting for your recovery, hopefully it's a speedy one and you get back on your feet," Cotchin said.

"Obviously it's a challenging time for you but know that the Tigs are behind you, mate. All the best."

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