Need Some Father's Day Pressie Inspo? Look No Further!

Ideas a-plenty here.

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Well, for 50% of parents out there, this weekend provides one of the greatest days in the year!

Sunday, September 1, Father's Day

Now, as always, we're guessing that most people reading haven't exactly put much thought towards what to get dear old Dad for the big day, so we spent a lazy couple of hours trawling the 'net to find some Father's Day inspo for those of us that need a few ideas.

If Your Dad Is A Tech Nerd?

The problem with tech-nerd Dads is that they generally have the cash to buy whatever the hell they want... so we had to dig a little to find some ideas that we're pretty sure Dad hasn't got yet.

How about some Nanoleaf touch action wall decals? Perfect for the gaming dad, muso dad, movie loving dad... the perfect way to add some cool mood lighting and give the old man something to turn on and off and on and off again!.


They're also compatible with all the smart home devices, which your tech loving Dad no doubt already owns.

More info at the Nanoleaf website


If Dad Loves His Gardening And Tech?

If the old man loves a bit of tech but isn't exactly on top of his game, there's a new outlet plug called the Eve Energy Smart Plug that turns any device into a smart device, meaning you can turn them on from your smart phone.

The other option, if he loves his gardening, is to get Dad an Eve Aqua, a smart water controller that means that you can water your garden whilst you’re away, monitor your water usage and control everything just from your smart phone.

Bloody great!

Eve Aqua

Both units are available at JB-Hifi and Apple Stores nationwide.


If Your Dad Loves His Coffee?

We can not go past this... People, it's a portable pod coffee machine. The Minipresso machine suits both ground coffee and Nespresso Capsules.

Minispresso coffee pod machine

Perfect for any Dad who bloody loves his coffee and/or camping... Available at Anaconda.

If Dad Is A Sweet Tooth?

Ox Rabbit has a deluxe Father's Day Brownie Box - yes, a Brownie Box - that honestly, looks the goods! Deluxe isn't the word.

Ox Rabbit Brownies

The flavours include a boozy brownie infused with orange whisky. peanut caramel double chocolate brownie and a dark cherry and coconut infused brownie. All available at the Ox Rabbit website.

If All Else Fails?

Yeah, you've got the obligatory Bunnings or JB HiFi voucher, but if your Dad loves a drop or three of quality whisky, Chivas Regal have released a ding dong version of their famous whisky, the Chivas Extra 13 American Rye Cask. It's the usual Chivas 13 year old blend "finished" in American rye casks...

Chivas Regal

It's available at Dan Murphy's and other liquor outlets.


Make sure to keep coming back to this article as we keep piling on ideas for this year's Father's Day. Bring it on!


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26 August 2019

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