Netflix Is Dropping A Fourth And Final Season Of Ozark

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Attention Ozark fiends! Your prayers have been answered with Netflix announcing a fourth and final season of the highly addictive series!

Obviously, for some of Ozark's die-hard fans, the news of a final season is bitter-sweet, leaving many of us greedy binge watchers pining over the dream of a fifth or even sixth season. But hey, as the great Nelly Furtado once said - "all good things come to an end".


Apparently the final season will be split into two separate parts, perhaps to stop you from binge-watching the entire last season and to prolong your gratification; each of these parts will consist of seven, equally as juicy episodes

If you haven't yet started watching the neo-noir style series, the storyline follows your average family, focusing mainly on patriarch Martin 'Marty' Byrde (a.k.a Jason Bateman), a financial advisor who is forced to launder money for the Mexican drug cartel.

After the whole thing turns sour (naturally), the family are forced to relocate to Missouri to avoid the wrath of the cartel. But this is when Marty decides it would be a fab idea to set up a second and much bigger laundering operation in the Ozark's, which is basically a massive mountainous region with heaps of great places to hide from an angry drug cartel.


The first two seasons were action packed and just enough to get you hooked in anticipation for season three. The third season honed in on Marty and Wendy's marriage, making the latest season a bit of an emotional roller coaster.

We haven't yet found out much more about the contents and plot line of season four, but we are waiting with bated breath for updates and an estimated release date. So, try to be patient and keep your eye on this space for updates!

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Georgie Marr

1 July 2020

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Georgie Marr

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