NEW and UNIQUE New Year's Resolutions for 2019

which you'll actually do!

18 December 2018

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With 2019 approaching and the conversation navigating towards what will be your resolutions for the New Year, the team at Triple M have come up with some unique, achievable goals to help you build a more dynamic and improved 2019 YOU!

  1. Choose and commit to a new exercise or sport! Going to the gym or exercising more often is a tired and traditional resolution often repeated (and failed) during January. Instead, transform the idea so it’s commit to a new exercise or sport to help you on your health and fitness kick. Promise to hill runs or a bike ride three times a week, perhaps take up kayaking or start playing squash. Join a club or group and make sure you attempt it three times a week. Make it an achievable amount, one hour at a time and only when you can, and if miss a session don’t beat yourself up about it, just ensure you make it to the next one. Sure, you won’t immediately be a maverick, but the challenge of getting better at this new venture, the prospect of being introduced to a new community and the fun of a different experience should spur you on and aid you in your quest for physical betterment.
  2. Eat more vegetarian meals! Maybe it’s just one vegetarian dinner a week or perhaps you decide on a weekend free of meat, we recommend upping your vegies. Not for any moral reasons, no, but because we don’t have enough vegetables or nutrition in our diet. A completely vegetarian meal forces you to load up on food from the ground, after all you will need to eat more to satisfy your hunger once you leave that big slab of protein off your plate. More vegetables will leave you feeling healthier in the long term, and will force you to be more creative with your culinary skills, and a winner in the kitchen is a winner everywhere else.
  3. Put away a little nest egg, $50 at a time! Money and finances can be complicated and many of us struggle to feel monetarily comfortable from week to week. We set up savings accounts and extra cards but sometimes money from those places can leak out just as easily as they can be put in. Buy yourself a piggy bank, literally a ceramic pig or something similar that can house money, making sure it doesn’t have a way to access its contents without physically breaking it. Then choose an amount you can afford, $10 a week, $20 or even a yellow $50, and physically put the money into your miniature, home bank. You will soon appreciate the money in there through the process of getting it out from the ATM, and by years end (if saving $50 a week) you’ll have a sizeable contribution of two-and-a-half grand to take into the following year!
  4. Call a friend once a week! The secret to happiness is happy relationships. Take the time out of your schedule, one night a week, to call a friend from your childhood or an ex-teammate, simply someone you haven’t caught up with for a while. It may seem weird and awkward at first but I promise you walls break down easily and through the reminiscing of past glories or failures you can cultivate that friendship that may have waned given the passage of time. Don’t think about doing it, grab your phone and call them now! You don’t know that kind of difference it can make!

They you have it, happy 2019 and the best of luck to you and your resolution endeavours!


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