New Evidence Claims To Pin Point Exact Location Of MH370

Huge claims

16 August 2017

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New evidence claims to determine the exact location of MH370 – more than three years after it went missing.

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau has released a new  report that effectively narrows the search zone for the missing plane down to an area half the size of Melbourne, PerthNow reveals.

French authorities captured satellite images of 12 man-made, and 28 likely man-made objects floating on the southern Indian Ocean two weeks after MH370 went missing, a new report has revealed.

 The four imageswere taken from a 25,000 square kilometre area the Australian Transport Safety Bureau believes may hold the jet, but has not been searched as it is to the north of the official 120,000 sq km search zone.

"Clearly we must be cautious. These objects have not been definitely identified as MH370 debris," ATSB chief commissioner Greg Hood said.

As part of the latest report, all satellite imagery of the relevant new area came up for review.

The hunt for Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 ended in January this year after three years of searching.

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