NEW Express Bus Service Between Hobart And Huonville

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A brand new express bus service from Huonville to Hobart will be available from Monday July 12.

TassieLink has just purchased two new buses to help encourage people to use public transport.

The current use of public transport by commuters traveling to work is 6.4 percent. 

Huonville To Hobart Express Bus:

With hopes to increase the percentage of people who take public transport, the express service between Huonville and Hobart will run four times a day in each direction.

Minister of Infrastructure and Transport Michael Ferguson said,

“The first bus departs Huonville at 6:05am and then every hour until 9:05am. The first bus from Hobart departs at 3:17pm and then every hour with the last bus at 6:17pm”.

The service has also been designed to help manage the traffic flow and congestions between the two destinations.

Driving between these two places during peak traffic can take over 45 minutes, and that’s not even including trying to find a parking spot!

This new express route will only take approximately 45 minutes, traveling swiftly through new bus lanes in a more affordable and environmentally friendly way.

Passengers can board the bus at any of the existing stops between Huonville and Leslie Vale before traveling straight to Hobart via the Southern Outlet.

If this hasn’t sold you yet, be sure to know the new bus will have USB charging ports and luggage racks.

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8 July 2021

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