New Hutchence Book A Must Read For Music Fans

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1 November 2017


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Respected Australian music journo, Toby Creswell, has released details of his forthcoming book about the life and times of the INXS legend that is Michael Kelland Hutchence.

Creswell, the founding editor of Rolling Stone Australia, "...casts aside the hype and sex God stereotypes, the drugs and sex, to get close to the real Michael."

Well, that's what he's telling us.

"You probably know that INXS singer Michael Hutchence was found dead in his room at the Ritz-Carlton hotel in Double Bay, Sydney. He died by his own hand. I don’t know why, so the answer to that mystery is not in this book. His death sparked scandals about his estate and his family, but that’s not here either. This is a book about the life of Michael Hutchence."

Creswell also uses his book to openly admit to what you would safely call a wrong call. Well, that's what we reckon anyway Toby ;)

He writes:

"My first encounter with INXS was when my band, Surfside 6, was booked to support them at the Rock Garden in 1980. We decided, and I was vocal on the matter, that INXS was not really cool enough for us to be seen with and so we turned the gig down and the Sunnyboys did it. I went along anyway; I thought they were pretty naff but not as bad as all that.

Back then they had energy but no direction. I took only a passing interest. Five years later, I went on assignment for Rolling Stone to see them play Albury Wodonga. From the moment I saw Jon Farriss’ kick drum opening on ‘The Swing’, there was no doubt in my mind that INXS was the real deal. Seeing the camaraderie after the show, you could see they could go the distance. They were smart, funny, genuine, nice people and in Michael, they had a star."

Creswell's book is out now, and retails for between $25 to $30. For INXS fans and fans of Aussie music throughout the world, it is a must-read.


Written by: @dantheinternut

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