New Laws To Protect Farmers Against Activists

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With recent protesting, you can't blame farmers for wanting a little more protection and security in place.

Farmers have been on the receiving end of unlawful actions from activists. These include property vandalising and threats against family members, just to name a few. 

This is horrible!


With this in mind, the Liberal-National Coalition Government has made a move to amend the Criminal Code Act 1995.

Laws regarding trespass, property damage or theft on agricultural land to protect farmers from actions of activists have been added and have passed Federal Parliament.

It is also a criminal offence to publish material of this nature on a carrier service (the internet for example) if you intend to act on it.

Apparently anyone convicted of these crimes could spend up to five years behind bars.


That's not to say protests are being banned, it's just that there are now measures in place to protect farmers and their land, discouraging activists from breaking the law.

The message is clear as day and it's time to let the farmers be and go about their work. 

Remember these are people's homes and livelihoods and they're doing their best, just like everyone else.


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Jessica Ambler

16 September 2019

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Jessica Ambler

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