New Mad Max Shooting On The Central Coast?

Paddy & Rob Palmer

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New Mad Max Shooting On The Central Coast?

40 years on from Mad Max 2, it's been announced that Mad Max: The Wasteland is set to film in NSW starring Chris Hemsworth & Anya Taylor-Joy.  Jackson O'Doherty from the Daily Telegraph joined Paddy & Rob Palmer to explain everything we know about the film so far, including a $350m production spend in NSW which is set to be one of the biggest films made in Australia to date.

Chris Hemsworth pictured with Jeff Goldblum, and Russell Crowe at Stadium Australia. Source: Getty

No locations have been disclosed as of yet when it comes to where they are filming, but it's set to be a HUGE boost to the economy.

Have a listen below:

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Kalun Townsend

19 April 2021

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Kalun Townsend

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