New Rules Could Make It Much Harder To Hail An Uber In QLD

Reforms sweep industry

2 October 2017

Article heading image for New Rules Could Make It Much Harder To Hail An Uber In QLD

Uber drivers will need taxi licenses from January in a sweep of new changes announced by the Queensland government.

Mark Bailey, the state’s Minister for Main Roads, Road Safety and Ports, yesterday said the regulations would unify the standards delivered by drivers who offer personalised driving services, the Sydney Morning Herald reports.

"This allows us to ensure all parties are fit and proper to provide services that are of the high standard that Queenslanders expect when using a taxi or ride-booking service," Bailey said in a statement.

Under the new rules, ride-share drivers must have a license by January 15, 2018, with anyone arranging bookings for these kinds of services required to hold a permit by December 1.

Drivers in Queensland will also be required to display signs that clearly mark which company they work for, regardless of whether it’s Uber or another third party ride-sharing service.

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