New Speed Signs To Be Introduced in Murchison

Where else needs lower speed zones?

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In an effort to improve safety for children and motorists around school crossings and school areas the Council has received approval from VicRoads to introduce a school speed zone.

They'll install the new school speed signs outside Murchison Primary School along Watson Street, Murchison, reducing the speed to 40km/h during the time-based school speed zone periods along Watson Street/Rushworth Road.

Council’s Mayor Kim O’Keeffe said the change came about in response to the Murchison Community plan to improve safety. 

“Previously vehicles would drive at 60km/h along Watson Street, with around 600 vehicles including commercial vehicles travelling along this road each day. So it is important for the school zone to be introduced for the safety of primary school students, pedestrians and drivers.”

- Cr O’Keeffe

“We hope this new school speed zone will assist to change behaviours as ultimately our priority is to provide a safe environment for school children in Murchison."

VicRoads Acting North Eastern Regional Director Rebecca Steer said: “The request from Council to introduce a school speed zone along this road was accepted by VicRoads as it met the school speed zone criteria.

“The new school speed zone will slow traffic down providing a safer environment for motorists and children who are our most vulnerable road users as they travel to and from school.”

Community members noticing any speeding vehicles around school zones should contact the police.

9 April 2018

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