New Stan Original Will Retell The Story Of Aussie Legend Helen Reddy's Life And Career

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From the producers of The Sapphires and The Invisible Man comes Stan Original I Am Woman, a biographical film based on the life and career of Aussie singer and feminist icon Helen Reddy. 

Reddy’s story is nothing short of inspiring, and the film is sure to pay tribute to her astounding accomplishments, beginning with her arrival in New York in 1966 after winning a recording contract. However, the record company quickly crushed the young artist’s hopes by telling her it had enough female stars and suggesting she have fun in New York before returning home to Australia.

Despite the setback, Reddy chose to stay in New York with her young daughter and pursue a singing career. Within five years, she'd become one of the biggest stars of her time, with twenty-nine #1 US singles, her own hourly TV show, and massive influence in the feminist movement.

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Starring Tilda Cobham-Hervey (Hotel Mumbai) as Reddy, the film also explores her friendship with legendary rock journalist Lillian Roxon, played by Danielle Macdonald (Bird Box), and her marriage to talent manager Jeff Wald, played by Evan Peters (X-Men), whose drug addiction gradually turned their relationship toxic.

Reddy currently lives in a care facility in LA, and her family advised the filmmakers on the project. 

Director Unjoo Moon said she felt great responsibility to ensure the story was told sensitively. She said: 

"Before we locked the movie off, Producer Rosemary Blight and I felt very strongly that we needed to show the movie to Helen and her family. We did a screening for Helen, her ex-husband Jeff Wald, and her two children. As a filmmaker, sitting in the cinema with Helen Reddy was, and it’s probably going to be, one of the hardest screenings I had to do for the film. I suddenly realised that this is her life and she was watching it through my eyes. During the screening, Helen sang along to her songs, and when she cried, it wasn’t because she was sad that we made the movie, she cried because she found the whole experience so touching, and I think really cathartic in a way.”

Stan’s Chief Content Officer, Nick Forward, said, “Having inspired generations, Unjoo Moon, Tilda Cobham-Hervey and the whole team have done such an incredible job bringing Helen Reddy’s inspirational story to life”. 


I Am Woman will premiere on Stan on the 28th of August. Watch the trailer here.

Ebony Reeves

14 July 2020

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