New Trial Aims To be Prevent Escalating Domestic Violence Cases

Talking outside a police setting

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A Queensland trial allowing victims of domestic violence to talk to officers outside a police setting is now underway.

It comes after the state's top cop, Police Commissioner Katarina Carroll revealed that Queensland's DV team has been highly under resourced.

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Launched two-weeks ago at Micah Projects in South Brisbane and the Domestic Violence Action Centre in Ipswich, the trial hopes to prevent rising domestic violence incidents.

Micah Projects chief executive Karyn Walsh said the trial provides an opportunity for women to talk with officers outside a police setting.

“I think it equalises the power difference," she told the Brisbane Times.

“For many of us, if you’re involved in an incident that involves police, there’s automatically a level of fear, not knowing where this is going to go, so I think it really helps level the playing field to help a woman feel more comfortable.”

In August alone, five people died at the hands of a domestic violence incident in the Queensland.


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7 September 2022

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