New Wetlands A Win For Albany’s Oyster Harbour

A project to improve water quality

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A $1.2 million project to help improve the quality of water flowing into Oyster Harbour by creating a new wetland system in Albany's Centennial Park precinct is now complete.

The project, jointly funded by the State Government and the City of Albany, has transformed around 1.1 hectares of Yakamia Creek into a new wetland system.

This new wetland system uses native sedges, low shrubs and trees to naturally filtrate the water and remove nutrients and sediment to improve the quality of water that flows from the creek into Oyster Harbour.

Poor water quality saw a dramatic seagrass decline in Oyster Harbour which has gradually improved over the last two decades thanks to additional seagrass planting.

This new wetland system will minimise the impact of continuing urbanisation on seagrass meadows which are important parts of estuarine ecosystems, providing habitat and food for birds and marine life, and contributing to good water quality.

 The 18-month construction phase for the project has had a positive impact on local businesses and jobs, with around 95 per cent of the workforce living locally.

 "Albany's Oyster Harbour is important for the local economy and local jobs, with industries such as fishing and tourism reliant on the health of this beautiful waterway 

"With concerns about excess nutrients and sediments causing algal growth and causing harm to the health of the harbour and the marine animals found within it, this project was a good investment." Water Minister Dave Kelly said.

The State Government and City of Albany each contributed $620,000 to the project.


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29 May 2019

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