New Year’s Eve Quandary As Health Officer Urges People To Stay Home

‘Lockdown by any other name’

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A controversial plea by SA’s chief public health officer, Professor Nicola Spurrier, for people to have a quiet night New Year's Eve and stay in has been met with mixed reactions.

On Wednesday, Prof Spurrier urged revellers to have “the quietest New Year’s Eve anybody has ever had” amid rising Covid cases.

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“I want this to be the absolute quietest New Year’s Eve anybody has ever had. You can still make a bit of noise by yourself; I fully intend to do that on my own veranda,” she told FIVEaa,

“You can meet up with people on Zoom … but we really do not want to have lots of people getting together during that New Year’s Eve period.”

Some have called the request 'sensible advice', while others have deemed it a “lockdown by another name”.

Australian Hotels Association SA chief executive Ian Horne said the implications of Spurrier's advice effectively translates to "lost wages, cost of spoiled goods or terminated musicians and entertainers.”

“Those businesses that haven’t cancelled events or closed but were able to pivot to a compliant trading arrangement for New Year’s Eve now face even greater losses,” he said.

Meanwhile, Adelaide City councillor Phillip Martin, backs the health officer's advice and has urged the Adelaide City Council to cancel its New Year’s Eve lights show along with other events that historically draw large crowds.

“Let’s just take the advice of the chief public health officer, who is the one that got us through this pandemic,” Mr Martin said.

“If it’s got enough for the chief public health officer to urge everyone to stay home ... it’s good enough for me.

“Her frank and fearless advice has saved lives, I believe her,” he said.

Yet, in the end, people will make up their own minds on how to ring-in the New Year, amid a pandemic.


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30 December 2021

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