New Youth Crime Legislation Passed In Queensland State Parliament

Harsher penalties for youth offenders

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Queensland have passed new youth justice legislation which will see harsher penalties for youth crime state-wide.

The move follows a troubling spike in youth crime across Queensland including three high-profile crimes.

Under the new laws, it is now a crime for a child to breach bail conditions, children from 15-years-old will now be fitted with GPS trackers and the courts will now have the authority to declare certain young criminals as serious repeat offenders.

Other changes include heavier prison terms for young car thieves, bragging on social media about certain crimes is now a criminal offence and the history of young offenders will now be considered when judges hand down penalties and manage bail applications.

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Car engine immobilisers will also be trialled, and more funding attributed to children’s court to expedite sentencing.

Police Minister Mark Ryan told parliament that the law reform has been introduced to protect “…the human rights of law-abiding Queenslanders”.

"They have asked for additional action and the government is responding decisively to address the often violent, frightening and dangerous offending being undertaken by a handful of serious repeat offenders,” he said.

The new legislation has been a point of contention in Queensland with a number of groups including charities and social services opposing the bill.

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Georgie Marr

17 March 2023

Article by:

Georgie Marr

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