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When crafting and designing your home, it’s understandable that you’re impatient for the finished product. It’s possible, however, that you’re so keen for those four walls to be up and ready - your impatience rushes you past some important considerations. After spending some time with Davis Sanders Homes, we quickly realised that not all homes are created equal.  They were kind enough to share some top tips.

Expect comfort from the day you move in

It’s not always just about looks – how a house feels is just as important. Capitalise on your block’s natural light, finding opportunities to bring brightness and warmth throughout the house. Add high ceilings to increase the sense of space and breathing room. Really think about how you want your home to flow and function. For example, placing your pantry close to the garage means time-saving grocery unpacking.  

Design your home to suit you

As the reigning monarchs of your own castle, it’s silly to plan for anyone’s needs other than your own. Make a list of features that are going to make life better – maybe a built-in coffee machine, or steam oven, or butler’s pantry with benchtop and sink. Make sure your builder uses high quality finishes that will stand the test of time (FYI, Davis Sanders Homes definitely does!).

Style it out

Think about the kind of aesthetic you’d be happy to look at every day. Are you a matte black or silver tapware person? Perhaps rose gold? Think about how you want your home to feel. Your builder should accommodate your tastes and build that feeling for you. It should be weaved through every aspect of the planning.

The imperatives

You and your builder might not share the same definition of standard inclusions. Don’t assume things will be taken care of! Davis Sanders Homes is on top of it, though. They’ve got their eye on the ball, being sure to discuss the things that are all too often overlooked. A home just isn’t a home without safety feature locks or flyscreens!

You owe it to yourself to build a house that gets the absolute best out of its concrete, plaster, bricks and timber. We like the Davis Sanders Homes approach. They’re the best things a builder can be – considerate and thoughtful. When you want the best out of your pile of bricks, that’s exactly what you need. Browse their designs and start planning your best house.    

1 June 2020

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