Nick Cave Thinks Rock Music Needs To Die For A While

He addresses the current state of music

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In a letter to a fan, Nick Cave addresses the current state of rock music.

The Australian musician answered the question on his website saying, in many words that the current music climate is good for rock music, saying; "My feeling is that modern rock music, as we know it, has anyway been ailing for some time now", following on to say "It seems to me there is little new or authentic, as it becomes safer, more nostalgic, more cautious and more corporate".

Exploring the current music industry, Cave signs off saying; "At this depressing time in rock ‘n’ roll though, perhaps they can serve a purpose, perhaps rock music needs to die for a while, so that something powerful and subversive and truly monumental can rise up out of it".

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Nick Cave will be playing intimate shows in Melbourne later this year with band mate Warren Ellis and the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra.
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Cassie Walker

28 April 2019

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Cassie Walker

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