Nick Riewoldt Names Who He Would Choose As 'Character References'

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St Kilda legend Nick Riewoldt dropped by Triple M's The Rush Hour this afternoon to talk footy with JB and Billy.

The topic of Bachar Houli was addressed - and Roo was asked what he thought of 'character references' being used in the tribunal for an on-field suspension.

“Clearly your on-field record should count - so you can take an early guilty plea or whatever," Riewoldt said.

“But the off-field stuff - as true as is in Bachar’s case - it should be irrelevant."

Brayshaw agreed that it was a strange process, referencing the fact that Houli's defence included statements from Malcolm Turnbull and Waleed Aly.

“It does open a fair can of worms!” JB laughed.

“Imagine some of the character references the boys will start dragging in!”

Riewoldt mused who he would bring up for his own tribunal hearing.

“I think my Mum would probably be my best character reference," Riewoldt joked.

“But probably Shane Warne, he’d probably roll in.”

“He’d be alright, Warnie.”

Listen to the chat with Riewoldt here - including Maddie's Vision game taking place next weekend:

28 June 2017

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