Nightclub DJ Announces Five-Hour Set Of Toto's "Africa" On A Loop

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25 September 2018

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A nightclub DJ in the UK has announced that he'll play a five-hour set consisting solely of Toto's Africa.

The 1982 track is, inarguably, the band's greatest hit and is still streamed millions of times each year but on a loop? For five hours straight?

Unsurprisingly, the idea was a drunk one.

"What started out as a really stupid idea from a stupid drunken night out has become a stupid reality," DJ Michael Savage said.

"I drunkenly suggested I'd run a night playing just that track two years ago. I kept talking about it and now I've got to do it.

"I love the track, it's unusual - the ultimate guilty pleasure - but I'm not sure whether I'll fall asleep or not.

"I feel quite sorry for the bar staff, they're going to be really stuck in the middle."

The night will see the original track played non-stop between 11pm and 4am at The Exchange in Bristol, while the adjoining bar joins in the fun by playing cover versions and remixes.

It is all for a good cause, though; clubgoers can be sponsored for how long they stick it out or, actually, can donate to not have to go at all, with all proceeds going to a charity supporting remote rural areas of northern Malawi.

"I'm pushing for longer," Michael added. "I've asked the venue for 12 hours.

"I'd like to set a new world record. I don't think there is one for this as far as I can tell but that's the plan."

Toto are touring Australia this summer for Falls Festival, with tickets for their headline shows on-sale now.
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