Nik & Amber Chat To The Host Of New PodcastOne Series, AgriMinders!

The future of global food security

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In the next 50 years, there will be more food consumed than in the entire history of humanity!

Ag scientist Chris Russell, host of the new PodcastOne original series AgriMinders, spoke to Nik & Amber this morning to discuss this alarming fact and future of global food security.

“I sum it up as the Three P’s: Productivity, Principles and Providence… these are the things all of the episodes relate to”, said Russell.

“I talk to the top minds and minders; intellects and custodians of agriculture in Australia, to find out where we are going and what we need to do”.

When asked about mining versus agriculture and its effect on Queenslanders, Chris points to his podcast episode, ‘Can We Have our Cake and Heat it Too’.

“What I’ve been trying to do is to see if we can get a win-win out of this. You’ve got farmers who own the top soil and miners who own what’s underneath in the subsoil”.

To unpack this issue, Russell speaks to both academics and farmers to find out how essential these sources of energy are and their potential impact.

The full series of AgriMinders is available via the PodcastOne website or iTunes store.

If you missed Nik & Amber's chat with Chris, you can listen to the catch up here:  

Amber Lowther

18 September 2018

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Amber Lowther

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